Baton Rouge DWI Frequently Asked Questions

Baton Rouge DWI Frequently Asked Questions

The arresting officer took my license, can I drive?

You can drive as long as you have in your possession the temporary license issued at the time of your arrest. This temporary license should be good for 30 days. 

How do I get my driver’s license back?

You will need to file a request for an administrative hearing to fight the DMV’s proposed suspension of your driver’s license. If you win, you may be able to reinstate your license. Otherwise, you would need to apply for a hardship license.

How long will my license be suspended for refusing the breath test?

For first offense refusal, one year. The penalties increase as the number of arrests/refusals increase. 

Can I beat the DWI if I refused.

It depends on the other facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest. The results from the breath test are only one piece of evidence the prosecution would attempt to use to prove its case against you.

Can I lose my license for blowing over the limit?

Yes. For first offense adult DWI, the suspension period is generally 90 days. You should request an administrative hearing to fight the suspension. An experienced Baton Rouge DWI attorney can help with this.

Can I get a hardship license?

You can apply for a hardship license at the DMV if it is a hardship on your life to not be able to drive.

Will this conviction increase my car insurance premiums?

It can. The DMV may require that you obtain SR-22 insurance to continue to drive.

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